Wednesday, January 23

London's Best Hot Chocolate

Sunday we woke up to find ourselves in a Winter Wonderland. London was covered in white snow and looked glorious. We headed immediately to Hyde Park to build snowmen and romp around. After we had sufficiently taken it all in there was only one thing to do - head to Cocomaya in Connaught Square for the best hot chocolate in London. Amazing!! And on top of that, as if that wasn't enough to make a girl swoon, it was dark chocolate and made with soy milk. We also got some delicious gluten and dairy free muffins! A-Star day as they say here. What did you do?


a small city girl with big city dreams... said...

Perfect day indeed!

Mila Chalmers said...

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is the best! Though when I visited London, I stayed at london luton hotel (which also serves one of the best hot chocolate) and it is near the airport rather than the park. But I really didn't mind since it was more convenient when it's time to go home. Plus I also enjoyed the long walks from there to the heart of the city.

Aliyah Thomas said...

It's to bad we didn't see Cocomaya during our stay in London. Our hotel is just located near Hyde Park, I can't believe we missed it.